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We do it every day, often multiple times a day and each experience is slightly different from the last.  Finally there is one place to capture all of the poo-drama.  Number Two Guide is your premiere Poop Blog.  Your one stop-shop for everything poop related. There are many layers to poop, and many different types of poop.  Please browse through our site to learn all sorts of interesting poop facts.

As you browse our site you will find some interesting poop facts, read entertaining stories, learn all of the poop lingo and phrases, and also read and ask questions to all of those random poop thoughts that have crossed your mind yet you have never had a chance to learn more about.

We have a dedicated staff that takes a lot of time to research all of the latest poop facts and trends.  At NTG we do our best to be up-to-date on all thing poop related.  However, there will be a few things that slip down the drain so feel free to let us know what you have discovered on the topics of turds.

Here at NTG we encourage our users to submit their stories and experiences, no matter how gross or embarrassing.   Be interactive and comment on the educational and humorous stories we provide so we can grow this poo-community.

Whether you are here to read some funny stories, or figure out what is going on with your feces we will have all of your poop facts and information covered.

Check out all of our tools and send us your ideas and thoughts and we won’t flush them down the toilet.

We all poop. Poop facts are funny. Let’s blog about poop.

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