Why does it burn when I poop?

If it burns in your mouth, it might burn in your butt…that’s no joke my friend.  The spicy seeds from peppers like jalapenos can be hard to digest, leaving the same acidic spice in your feces that were once in your mouth.  The spicier coming in, the spicier it may be coming out.

Besides spicy foods, there are several potential reasons why your poop may burn:

Other Possible Causes

1.  The problem could have nothing to do with the food you eat, the burning could come from hemorrhoids or a tear in your anal tissue.

2.  Diarrhea or constipation can cause irritation or burning from the unnatural process of the bowl movement and different percentages of bacteria and water in your feces.

3.  You may just be wiping too much and have given yourself a rash.

Possible Solutions

1.  Avoid spicy foods.

2.  Avoid other foods in your diet that may be causing constipation or diarrhea.

3.  Use softer toilet paper or baby wipes.

Why does it burn when I poop?

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