Where do squirrels poop?

Squirrels are like girls, you see them everywhere but there seems to be no evidence that they poop. Squirrel poop is a rare commodity. No one ever smells it, steps in it or even sees it.

Despite the lack of evidence, squirrels do poop. Their droppings are extremely small, roughly 5 mm, smaller than the size of a raisin. We have pasted a picture below so you can get a sense of the size.

Squirrel Poop

Additional factors contribute to the mystery of the vanishing poop. First, squirrels can poop on the run, so their droppings are spread out and do not accumulate into large piles.

Second, they often poop while high up in a tree or inside the hollow of a tree or stump. This means that most squirrel poop never even has the chance to enter our daily field of vision.

Finally, squirrel poop is light brown in color making it very difficult to spot in the soil.

If you are among the few that will encounter squirrel poop consider yourself lucky‚ It’s like finding a four leaf clover in the form of a small smelly raisin.


Squirrel Poop

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One thought on “Where do squirrels poop?

  1. It’s never crossed my mind that I’ve never seen squirrel poop before, and to think how many times you see those little guys running around. Chances are I’ve stepped in some of their poop more than once. The poop is pretty small in the photo, is it smaller than mouse poop? Anyways, funny article and picture of a squirrel on the toilet.

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