Why do men take longer to poop than women?

If you take a random survey of people most will say that guys poop longer than women, but is that really the case, and is there any scientific resources behind this?

The key take away that we have discovered from our research is that the average poop time is different for everyone.  However, the feedback does show that men seem to take longer to poop than women.  There is no scientific research behind this, but we have compiled a list as to why this might be true.  Some items seem accurate and make sense, some items are ridiculous but have been brought to our attention by a user or staff member.

As you read these, let us know if any of them are true for you, or if you have any others that we should include.  You can even read this list while you poop, most men will.

Eleven reasons why men seem to poop for a longer period of time than women:

1. Women Don’t Poop –  Duh, that’d be gross and they are beautiful majestic creatures.

2.  Social Acceptance – Moving right on from number one is the ability for men and women to openly discuss poop.  Men seem to bring it up as a topic of conversation more than women.  Men are more open to admit that they do poop, they are pooping, or how they feel when they are pooping.  Some women tend to shy away a bit more from the conversation.  At every fraternity in the United States it is required to describe your last poop with the roll call:


“Here, sloppy at first the held it’s consistency for the home stretch.  6 wipes.”

3. Embarrassment – Also on the same topic of social acceptance, since pooping tends to be less discussed among females they also sometimes try to  poop quick enough where people don’t even realizing they are pooping.  The old fake a pee go poop trick.  Guys really only use this on dates or at fancy parties.

4. Diet – In general, men tend to eat more than women, have a higher calorie intake, and eat more meat than women.  Again, not always the case, but diet plays a large factor into your poop habits.  If you want to speed up your poops drink more water and fiber, and eat healthier!  A healthier you is a healthier stool!

5. Enjoyment –  Some men love a good poop.  It feels good, it’s relaxing.  Brings comfort back like your favorite pair of sweat pants.  If you are lucky enough to be pooping while wearing those same sweat pants you know it is going to be a good day.  Not that women don’t enjoy it, but again, men are more likely to discuss their enjoyment making it more socially acceptable to take their time.

6. Business & Entertainment – It originally started with the sports page, evolved into books, Tetris, and then on to smart phones, ipads, and other tablets and even laptops.  Men seem to use more gadgets and reading material in the bathroom.  They get caught up in a game or an article and the next thing they know their right leg is asleep and an hour has gone by. The Declaration of Independence was read by most men that signed it while sitting on the toilet.

7. Me Time – Similar to entertainment, some men we have asked claim they enjoy the quiet relaxing nature of sitting on the toilet for a long time.   The restroom is like their cave.  They go there to escape woman and the troubles of the day.

Why do men poop longer than women?8.“Me Time” – Men really aren’t pooping in there, they are doing other things…naughty things…to themselves.

9. Men Stand – They stand while they pee that is.  Women pee sitting down.  Every time they are in the bathroom they are taking a seat.  They are used to the position.  Men only sit about 25% of the time, not their sweet spot.

10.  Body Awareness – Women claim to have better body awareness and don’t hold it as long as men.  They don’t wait for a mass load to build up, but let out little burst here and there as needed.

11. Men Can’t Give Birth – This is the closest thing men will have to giving birth.  We want to know what it feels like, so we take our time to try and better understand the complexities of a women

15 thoughts on “Why do men take longer to poop than women?

  1. The wife commented about this topic so I looked it up while I’m pooping. In my opinion everything stated is true. I guess I’m just a stereotype of a land pooping habits lol.

  2. The wife commented about this topic so I looked it up while I’m pooping. In my opinion everything stated is true. I guess I’m just a stereotype of a mans pooping habits lol.

  3. Reading this whilst pooping … And guess what..? I’m male..
    It really is an awesome feeling when you are pooping, for men anyways. But yeah. Whhhooooooo go s#it

  4. Im male and taking a if not GLORIOUS $hit ,I”m not surprised by how many other men actually researched this as they took a $hit…what a wonderful time we live in.

  5. This article is totally full of poop – – because there IS a very scientific basis, in fact two reasons, as to why men take longer to poop and older men in particular take longer to poop.
    1.) WE EAT MORE. For example, as a man, it takes me personally, on average, at least 15 minutes to vacate everything before I am no longer cramping.
    2.) When you get old everything does not work as well as when you were young. So small kids, who eat less and are very young, take the least amount of time to poop. Teenagers take less time to poop than mid-age men. etc etc
    Saying there is “no scientific basis” that older men in particular don’t take longer to poop is in fact wrong.

  6. It’s all about the quiet time. Whether you’re reading, gaming, or just enjoying not being bothered. Between the stresses of work and home a nice long poo can clear the mind as well as the colon. Really, I poo in the first 5 minutes of sitting down. The other 25 minutes is for my peace of mind. Whoops…My leg just fell asleep. Haha!

  7. Yes, it’s relaxing and comforting to relieve oneself. I’m a healthy, gym-going, big guy who eats well and defecates regularly; so regularly that you can set your clock by it. I may love my wife but she won’t come near the bathroom when I take a dump. But the same is true of me with her “stool time.” Her feces have stenches that linger up to an hour after she slides one out. In all of my days as a frat brother living in the frat house and growing up with 3 brothers, I’ve never smelled anything worse than her dumps. And no, I don’t have sisters, so, I guess I can’t really compare her dumps to any other female dumps. We’ve been married for 14 years and have 3 kids. Even my kids — all boys — think their mother’s gas and feces are excessively horrendous. So you can’t convince me that men are worse because they eat more and poop more. My gym toilet never smelled any worse after my buddies take dumps than my wife’s loads. What can i do to change this?

  8. This whole article makes me SICK, as does anything to do with “differences” between male and female feces! I am a 31-year-old Lesbian, who gets sexual pleasure from occasionally, and yes I did say OCCASIONALLY pooping myself and my panties when totally alone with diarrhea, and you cannot convince me that men do not smell 1,000 times worse when they poop!!! I would rather DIE than give birth to a disgusting male, because not only do they wear diapers longer and poop more, they stink MUCH WORSE!!! But I looooove the smell of my own and that of other women!!!

    Lesbian Princess Veronica, 31-year-old Gemini

  9. I’m on the toilet having a poop now and I am enjoying it soo much. Like it’s sexual. So I dunno, maybe I’m spend more time on the toilet because it’s fun

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