Athletes Poop – George Brett “I shit my pants last night”

Sporting event camera crews have tons of footage that never gets touched. Sound clips of pointless conversations, dull pregame routines, endless unused material. However, I am sure that when they sort through this‚ inventory cameramen are amazed at some of the gems that can be put up on youtube and use to embarrass the hell out of people.

One such video has leaked on baseball great George Brett. George tells a few great stories of the various times in his life that he has found himself with a little more then skid marks – in fact a full blown accident.

In the video Geroge admits, “I’m good about twice a year for that.” George spent 21 years in the majors with the Kansas City Royals. That means he should have crapped his pants 42 times while in the majors.  However, he had a few great seasons in the 90’s and if you look at the stats on the back of his baseball card he actually crapped himself 62 times. That’s hall of fame material.

0 thoughts on “Athletes Poop – George Brett “I shit my pants last night”

  1. “straight fucking water”? I highly doubt that. But good job, Brett, for going off while the mic was on. You already have 3/4 letters of “butt” in your name.

  2. How many times do you shit yourself a year pal, be honest. What’s your awesome deal with shitting your pants. George Brett is a fucking saint.

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