C.C. Sabathia Poops Spiderman

New York Yankee C.C. Sabathia apparently did not have enough time during the 7th inning stretch to take care of his slider.  He thought he could plop out the rest right on the mound and get away with it.  Silly C.C., you play for the Yanks, everyone knows the camera is always rolling on Broadway.

The question still remains, how did Spiderman get in there in the first place?  My guess is that C.C. was relaxing on the balcony of his penthouse apartment in the city.  Meanwhile, Spiderman was on his way to save some kid from falling off the Empire State Building, time was of the essence.  Instead of carefully shooting his web into prime swinging spots, Spidey was aimlessly firing and one ended up in the Sabathia Caverns.  Once you enter the Sabathia Caverns there is no easy way out.  People have been lost in there for weeks.

Spiderman was fighting hard to escape the Caverns, but needed to wait for a bit of an earth quake to break free.  After a great struggle, C.C. eventually provided the means for an escape and the world is once again a safer place.

You are probably wondering, what happened to the falling little boy you?  Nobody knows, nobody knows…

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