Office Co-Workers – The Announcer

The Poop AnnouncerWith 8+ hours of the day spent together, a co-worker is just as much a co-habitator. Generally, you share more conscious hours with this person than those you consider your loved ones or closest friends. All it takes is careful study of their patterns to decipher which ones are friends or foes. Especially with the latter, it’s important to understand the enemy in order to confront or evade their tactics.

We are begining our series with the different co-workers types that can turn up in your office.  Look out for more to come.

The Announcers – “I’ve gotta dump like Donald Trump”
While possessing a combination of personalities, The Announcer undoubtedly has the most prominent bathroom association of anyone in the office. They leave no question as to their intentions and time of departure. They will often use comical phrases to downplay the action, such as “Time to take the Cleveland Browns to the Super Bowl” or “I’ve gotta run to the ladies room to pinch a loaf and butter the bread.” Some opt for the simple “I’ve gotta shit.”

On one hand, it takes a lot of guts to be The Announcer. But on the other hand, it gives this person the freedom to take his/her time in the bathroom and not feel guilty for being noticeably absent.

Be wary of this one. The Announcer may have a tendency to make the announcement in front of a group of people whom he/she may not know. A few chuckles here or there does not hide the disgust or awkwardness one or more listeners may feel.

If you like to announce, do so at the appropriate time. For example, DO NOT announce: at lunch, in a meeting, around the water cooler, first thing in the morning, or in the proximity of a higher-up.

DO announce: after the boss leaves the room, when a deal falls through, late night, or in the presence of equal-level employees.

  • Minimizes guilt
  • Provides buffer zone for longer breaks
  • Can draw some laughs and admirers


  • You become “that guy”
  • Risks alienating coworkers
  • Requires good comedic timing

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