Poop: To defecate; Excrement.Poop Information & Resources

If you look up “poop” in the dictionary it will usually be described as a deck of a ship or with a only few simple words, as illustrated above. In fact, the Wikipedia page on poop is so brief you would think that it is a simple topic that no one thinks about.  However, poop is so much more those basic definitions. Here at NTG we know that poop is a necessary part of life but most people are afraid to discuss how it changes and shapes our lives.  You can’t use a few simple word to define poop.  Every bathroom experience is different and we can learn from each others routines, triumphs and embarrassments. 

Number Two Guide is a collection of information about Poop put together by people who think about poop often.  Please read, learn, laugh and contribute.

Here are 10 of the most commonly used poop resources you can find on Number Two Guide.  This list will help point you in the right direct to any poop questions.  We try to cover as much as possible, but are constantly adding new features. We encourage you to supply us with your bathroom insights by commenting or directly contributing to the site.

1.  What is poop?

We all know poop comes from the food we put in our bodies but there has to be more to it than that, right?  Absolutely.  Put you poop under a microscope and prepare to discover (and smell) a world of information.  We’ve created a simple diagram explaining what poop consist of and a video breaking things down in quick easy-t0-follow format. – What is Poop?

2.  Poop Dictionary

Every wonder what a dingleberry is?  How about a bidet?  There are ton of poop related objects and terms that have been birthed out of our poop driven culture.  Our goal is to capture as many of those terms as possible and define them for you in an easy format that consists of definitions, images and sometimes videos.   Never be confused at a party or a doctor’s office again.  Get your poop lingo on  — Poop Dictionary

3.  Ask The Experts

 Some poop questions can be answered with a simple definition.  However, there are other types of questions that you may ask yourself after turning around and looking at what is in the bowl directly before you flush. Why is my poop floating?  In addition, there are the type of questions that might keep you up late at night.  Where do squirrels poop?  You no longer need to worry because all of your poop questions are answered by NTG experts.  You can find these answers here – Ask NTG

4.  Poop Stories

We’ve all had those days or have been in those situations where the worse happens.  You start to feel it in your stomach, panic sets in and the race begins.  You now are probably thinking of your worst moment.  What was the situation?  Did you make it on time?  How did you deal with the mess?  Where were you?  This is the place to share the stories.  The best way to deal with embarrassment is to realize we all have been in these situations before and although at the moment it was devastating, when you share the story you usually can’t help but laugh. — Poop Stories

5.  Poop News

Curious about the breakthroughs that are happening in the world of feces?  Have you ever wondered what great stories you are missing from local papers are not poo-worthy enough for the main-stream media?  Well, our goal with poop news is to provide you with the information you don’t even know you are seeking.  — Poop News

6.  Poop Calculator

The poop calculator could be the greatest technological achievement in all of poo-kind.  Simply enter in your date of birth and our algorithm crunches the numbers.  We provide you with your lifetime poop data.  How many times have you pooped in your life?  How much toilet paper have you used?  Find out now –  Poop Calculator

7.  Pooping at Work

Taking a dump in the office can be a daily struggle.  Some people seem to do it so effortlessly, while others are constantly on edge and seldom produce to their fullest potential.  We offer tips, tricks and ways to spot the various poop personalities you may find around your office.  Our goal is for no one to sacrifice productivity over their concerns about pooping at work.  – Poop at Work.

8.  Poop History

For those of you who wonder about the word itself and how it came about, look no further.  We have a brief explanation of the word that makes great cocktail party conversation.  Take a look, memorize the information and amaze your friends.  – Poop History

9.  Poop and Your Health

When you turn around to look into the toilet before you flush you sometimes see a few things that can be shocking.  Should they also be concerning?  We do our best to answer some of the more common bowl-spotting trends.  If you are having trouble on the toilet hopefully this information helps, but as we always say, do not be afraid to discuss your poop with your doctor.  — Poop Health

10. Add to the Pile

These links might be the most important links on the entire site.  They are places for you to contribute to the growing content on the site.  We want your questions, your stories your poop words that need defining.  We will never post your name unless it is your request.  Help spread the word and grow the poop movement.

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