Hot Site: I Poop My Pants On Purpose

Through, a site that encourages everyone to divulge their often embarrassing experiences anonymously, an inspirational gift has been bestowed upon us – “I Poop My Pants on Purpose” stories. Allow me to share some excerpts with you:

“I just let a big log fill my boxer-briefs‚ well, more like a big pile of stinky mush.  I wish it was a log because that would be a little easier to clean up, but at least I feel better now that I don’t have to poop anymore. As I move, I can feel it squishing around between my butt and the seat of my boxer-briefs. I can also hear it crackling and squishing when I shift in my seat… I’m sitting with my butt hanging over the edge of the computer chair so I don’t make it too messy.”

“I’m now 29…I’d say that in 16 full years of loading my pants I’ve probably pooped my pants close to 500 times…I do it in the privacy of my apartment, and sometimes I poop my pants in public places too (Car Wash, Wal-Mart, etc). In July my girlfriend is moving in with me so I’m not sure how regularly I’ll continue to poop my pants. But I’m sure when she isn’t around I will take full advantage.”

“i have pretty much done it all when it comes to poop‚ i have eaten, smeared it all over my body and jacked off with it‚ i have done it all with my ex wife as well‚ my favorite experience has to be one time while we were making love with her on top. we were going at it and i asked her if she had to [shit]. she responded that she did. so i put my hand under her [ass] and she [shit] into it. it was soft but firm enough to stay in my hand‚ i then proceeded to eat it while we were making love and she watched me do it.”

Talk about having some dirt on your ex! Ehem, but allow me to be honest for a moment: Number Two Guide does not pass judgment. We simply explore all the possibilities of poo and present them to you in the hopes that you’ll feel more comfortable with your own bodily functions. Besides, pooping your pants in Wal-Mart is pretty much a rite of passage.