Poop Sketch
Poop Sketch by Mischievous Bowl Cut

There’s something about poop that takes us back to the earliest memories of our existence. The first time we sharted in school (second grade for me), the first time the toilet overflowed, and just the general amazing sensation of being a big boy/girl who uses the toilet seat, wipes, and flushes on his/her own.

Mischievous Bowl Cut makes sketches that bring us back to these early childhood memories. Things we may take for granted, but when you see them in their simplicity, you kind of miss those days.

See if this doesn’t make you feel like a kid again, with toilet paper and books strewn about, clenching tight to get everything out, feet dangling closer to the bowl than the floor…

If you’re interested in these fantastic sketches, Mischievous Bowl Cut also makes beautiful original greeting cards for every occasion…like when your coworker has toilet paper stuck to his foot, there’s no better way to commemorate that than with a card or sketch to last a lifetime!

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