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The Year Without Toilet Paper

For his third book Colin Beaven went medieval. He has appropriately been given the name, "No Impact Man" based on his adjusted lifestyle. Beaven and his family are spending an entire year under a strict set of Earth friendly rules. Although the rules evolve with the process, they currently consist of only eating local organic food, no shopping for anything except for food, using no paper, producing no trash, and using no carbon-fueled transportation. I am pretty sure it was easier to deal with Read more [...]

The Human Waste Discussion

Last week, the New York Times ran a 3-day Q&A session about human waste with Rose George, author of “The Big Necessity: The Unmentionable World of Human Waste and Why It Matters. While a lot of the questions were NY-Centric, George meditates on a number of human waste-related problems affecting our society and the greater global community. The following are a few highlights of her answers: On Toilet Paper: "Using dry paper to clean your backside makes as much hygienic sense as wiping yourself Read more [...]

Out Of Toilet Paper Guide

The dreaded cardboard rollWe have all been in the situation where you find yourself on the can with no TP. Either you forgot to check before you sat down, or you decided to risk it with a slim-looking roll only to come up a few wipes short. The situation is very similar to running out of gas in the middle of the highway. If you find yourself in this predicament there are a few steps to follow which are different depending on if you are at work or at home: At Home: 1. Search and rescue - Take Read more [...]

TP: More Bang for Your Butt

  Having a chemistry degree really paid offConsumer Reports recently tested some of the most popular brands of toilet paper for strength, "greenness," and cost-per-ply to find out what is the best buy for you, the ass-wiping consumer. What did they find? After rigorous lead shot dampening, dim light fondling, and flush simulation (see video below), it was found that Marcal's new Small Steps rolls are a giant leap for the environment and, at only 8 cents per 100 plies, your savings, too. Small Read more [...]