Where does my poop go on….

Flying Poop
Flying Poop
Flying Poop

An Airplane:

When you flush the toilet on an airplane do you always think that your urine or feces are flying through the air? I picture my log with little wings and a cape. One of the lucky ones, who gets to enjoy his journey, not knowing where he will end up.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. All of the waste gets stored in a tank in the plane, that gets sucked out by a truck when you land. The waste then gets sent to a waste treatment plant. We all can dream though. Fly on little poop, fly on.

A Cruise Ship:

An average cruise ship can hold over 3000 passengers, which leads to a lot of waste. According to Woman Health magazine, cruise ships produce on average 210,000 gallons of sewage a week. So, does it just flush out to sea? The short answer is Yes.

Current laws state that a cruise ship needs to be at least 3 nautical miles from land to dump treated sewage, and twelve nautical miles to dump untreated sewage and pulped food waste. However, some ships hold all of the waste and properly dispose of it when they get back to land. By 2010 all cruise ships will be required to have a sewage holding tank or sewage treatment plant to deal with all that crap.

So if you have taken a cruise before, and were not able to hold it while at sea. There is a good chance you have killed a few dolphins! Cruel pooper.