Can Poo Power the World?

Perhaps: If everyone in the world committed to using much less electric energy than they do now while also promising to consistetly eat ridiculously large amounts of food. What it comes down to is that we do have the technology and know-how to turn fecal matter into energy, but it is a science that has yet to be proven efficient on a large scale.

We currently see some of this technology used on dairy farms because dairy cows produce large amounts of waste every day. The feces of the cows are collected and inserted into machines called “digesters” which separate and store a highly flammable methane bio-gas. This methane gas can then be used to power a turbine generator which will produce electricity.

We also see the technology used in some sewage waste treatment factories. Humans produce huge amounts of waste everyday, some of which all comes to a focal point in sewage treatment facilities. The facilities that are equipped with digesters are able to produce electricity from the waste, sometimes enough to be self-sufficient, and sometimes they may even have some leftover to sell off as extra electric energy to the power grid.

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