Craigslist Gig: Wiper Needed

Is it wrong to fake a traumatic brain injury to lure an unsuspecting nurse to your home so she can change your adult diapers, and in the process you get a kick out of exposing yourself, all the while mustering your best Cuba Gooding Radio routine? If that’s wrong, I never want to be wrong.

Eric Carrier is your average 23-year old Craigslist user: He posts gigs, he hires people, he shows his weiner, he fakes mental retardation, and he shits his pants. Nothing unusual. The nurse he hired from the bartering/job posting website therefore should not have been surprised that Carrier in fact was not mentally challenged, nor using diapers to do his business. It comes with the territory.

At Least Im Clean
At Least I’m Clean

About an hour after the nurse arrived to Carrier’s home – where the Craigslist posting made it clear that a father was requesting help for his disabled son, and the father was nowhere to be seen – Carrier felt it was time to get those diapers changed, and the nurse finally figured out she was duped…but only after she wiped Carrier’s butthole quite thoroughly.

But was this nurse even certified? I mean, how many nurses find gigs on Craigslist? C’mon, the healthcare bill hasn’t taken effect yet and your pay is still bloated, so my guess is this nurse wasn’t even qualified for the gig in the first place. It’s like those episodes of “To Catch a Predator” – is it really intent to commit underage sexual abuse if you’re not really talking to someone who’s underage? And if it’s not a real nurse who’s changing your diapers or subjected to your Farrelly Brothers farce, who’s really getting duped?

Eric Carrier, I’m sorry society frowns upon this. But you did what any sexually-repressed, scat-curious, morally-devoid person would do, and that is turn to Craigslist. What can we convince someone to do next?

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