Crappy Holidays

Dont forget to purchase your Comfort Wipe
Don’t forget to purchase your Comfort Wipe

Holiday season is upon us. So what do you get for that special someone? A diamond necklace? Nope, too tacky. A Kindle? Just buy a book. What you need is some real special shit. Something to commemorate the end of a crappy decade. The decade of 9/11, recession, Bush, and the Yankees. Only one thing is befitting of a holiday season this special: poop.

If you want to give the gift that keeps on giving, start with Monthly Doos. If your boss needs a 2010 calendar filled with pictures of dog poop, you’re covered. Or chocolate poop treats. You can even get your season’s greeting cards here.

Then there’s the Comfort Wipe, which we’ve covered before. However, Amazon is selling this baby for a new low – $11.99.

And if you’re into being green this Christmas, you don’t have to go into the red, especially with composting equipment. Composters has all the ingredients you need to shop ’til you plop.

So why not celebrate the holidays and the coming of 2010 with a proper goodbye to the decade that had no nickname – the 00’s?

Happy Holidays from NTG.

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