Flushing Toilet Paper in Costa Rica


I am singling out Costa Rica, but this goes for a handful of Central and South American countries: you do NOT flush your toilet paper, you dispose of it in a bin that rests next to the toilet.

If you’re lucky, everyone who used the toilet before you had a ghost wipe! That way you won’t have to bear the sight or scent of a trash bin full of used toilet paper right next to you while you’re doing your business.

Most of the world uses a two-inch pipe in the plumbing that connects the toilet to the sewage systems, but Costa Rican plumbers use a 1 inch pipe.  It’s apparently cheaper, and perhaps easier to install, and just big enough for your waste, but can be easily clogged by toilet paper.

Yes, you can get away with flushing a little toilet paper, and yes, the Four Season’s has regular plumbing. But, if you’re staying with a local family doing volunteer work during your spring break, not only should you throw your toilet paper in the bin next to you, but you take the next flight out to Panama City Florida and join the rest of your friends.


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