Obama Poop Doll

How this one slipped by me I’ll never know…actually, it’s probably because it’s Catalonian and I don’t speak that, let alone know where that language comes from.

Well, this Obama Pooping Doll (released as part of a Christmas Nativity scene apparently) was either a loving tribute to or racial degradation of our President, but either way, I like it.

Get it? The “can” is like a refercence to the crapper, which is conspicuously missing from the artwork. In the Catalonians sick mind, our President prefers a good old squat and a frozen yogurt poop to the privacy of a toilet. But by golly, if it improves our soil, Yes We Can poop all over the ground.

Here’s a video of the creators hard at work at making these lifelike comparisons. Notice the love that goes into it.

Allow me to translate what they are saying in Catalonian: “Obama is a brown jesus who, though superior to all humans in every way, is still forced to crap as he is trapped inside a human body. This molding, built with the skin of Arabian prostitutes, will immortalize his greatness for years to come, or until he transfers his power into a Catalonian warthog.” Weird, I know.

Actually, the doll is supposed to “symbolize the fertilization of the earth and fruitful change.” While there are other ways of showing this, say having him hold a flower, depicting him taking a crap is more impactful and will make a kickass addition to any nativity scene.

Christmas shopping season is fast approaching, so make sure to keep an eye out for the Catalonian Michelle Obama doll that eats the flesh of young babies to symbolize the hunger of life.

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