Poop Your Pants for a Purpose

Littering and...shitting your pants
“Littering and…shitting your pants”

Here at NTG we get a lot of viewers asking about pooping your pants on purpose. Apparently people are fascinated by the thought of intentionally pooping their pants and some even enjoy it.

The one time I almost pooped my pants on purpose:

It was a hot summer day and I was 17. I was headed to the beach with my friends to scope out the babes. To get to the beach we had to drive through a state park where the speed limit drops down to 20mph. I kept cruisin at a steady 50 with the windows down and the music on when I saw the sirens light up in my rear view mirror. I felt like an idiot because I had made this drive 100 times before and knew of the speed trap. I also knew that state park speeding tickets where double fines and I was a broke 17 year old with no summer job.

In the five minute time slot you have, from when you see the siren behind you to when the cop is actually asking for your license, my friends and I came up with a plan.

“Tell the cop you were speeding because you have to shit real bad and if you don’t get to a toilet soon you will crap your pants, said my friend Trevor.

“Yeah!, and then if they don’t believe you actually shit your pants!” added my other friend Ben.

Brilliant! Or so I thought. I was already nervous so it looked like I had to shit anyway.

However, when Johnny Law came knocking on my window, I froze up. My friends kept waiting for me to tell the cop that I had the runs, but I chickened out.  It was the single biggest regret of my life. The one time I could have shit my pants on purpose without looking like a freak to my peers.

Now, close to ten year later, when I make the drive to the beach I am always tempted to hit the gas pedal and redeem myself. I never do, because deep down I know it will not be the same.

Looking back, I realize there will be one moment in everyone’s life where it will be acceptable to poop your pants, so Crap-e Diem. Seize the Crap!

**Similar poop-your-pants scapegoats can be effective during a physical attack or in the courtroom. There is no better way to get your sentenced reduced than by pooping your pants in front of the judge.  A surefire way to get the insanity plea!

36 thoughts on “Poop Your Pants for a Purpose”

  1. I have never pooped my pants intentionally, but I have to admit there have been occasions…rare occasions, fortunately…when I intended merely to fart and a bit more than bad air escaped.

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this on a public website.

    1. dont feel bad i admitted some thing worse on a publuc websit…alot worse …p.s just so u know its sexxy seeing some one poop their pants on purpose it turns me onn!!:)

  2. CSHATTS, you failed to say what school. Was it pre-school? Kindergarten? Elementary school?, Middle school? High school? College? Post-graduate school?

  3. What up girl friend!!!!!!!!!
    I just love the poop your pants stories!!!!
    to tell you the truth I pooped my pants 6 times. No joke. I think I’ll set a record. OMG!!! Mom’s cooking meat loaf!!!!!! Gtg.

    I weigh 289 pounds!!!!!

  4. I love pooping in my pants & adult diapers. I feel so aroused as I am doing it & before I do it, as well as after I am done pooping big thick dumps in my pants. It feels good to poop in my pants or in my diapers whenever I choose to! Sometimes pooping in my pants is the best experience I can have all day! I love it coming out in waves & grunting, creaming my pants, having major orgasms as I poop in my pants/diapers. Nothing like it!

  5. One should also remember that many famous people do it all the time. My favorite celebrity poop-pants has always been Harry Connick Jr. and what’s more, he’s able to inspire his fans to do the same when they hear him live in concert.

  6. I often have filled my diaper up with poo. I did it in my pants a couple times as a lil girl. But now as an adult I use diapers durring work and at night an dsomtimes you’re on lunch break, about to change your wet diaper, and you gotta go number two… and somethign in me just was like “Go in your diaper!” LOL an di have done it a few times then quickly cleaned up and re-diapered my tush and went back to work 🙂 messies in your diapers are easier to clean up than if you do it in your pants though *blush*

  7. I usually poop my pants about three times a month. But I have never done it in public.
    Maybe you all can give me some helpful tips. In Wal-Mart, that would be outstanding.
    I don’t have the nerve to do it.

    1. I used to do it a lot in my jogging outfit while running. I could not care less what people made of my big mound in the rear. But the point I want to make most urgently: don’t let shame or embarrassment spoil it for you. You are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Life is — and must be tough — so enjoy the little pleasures that make up for one of the pain and travail. And for heaven’s sake don’t forget to masturbate at least once prior to cleaning up!

  8. EWW!!! Why are all of you pooping in your pants??? Have you never heard of a toilet??? And why are you wearing diapers? Those are for BABIES!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  9. I have something to say for the people that need to wear diapers because there sick and have problems like diabetes and gastroparesis and seziure have to wear diapers there is nothing wrong with it and some people cant help you think if we could we would wear diapers that em crazy we have to sit down and let our family change us with baby whips and diaper rash cream.

  10. sassy, vai uma dica para cagar em publico, voce deve vestir uma calça jeans escura e não muita justa, quando for fazer procura ficar em local com poucas pessoas para que niguem possa percebela assim voçe não fica nervosa, leve com voce uma camisola caso voce pode amarrala em sua sentura. sassy e muito bom fazer em publico, a primeira vez a gente fica muito nervoso, mas logo fica tudo bem, se voce quiser trocar foto comigo eu mando email com foto para vc
    ver eu cagando nas calças. meu email e:[email protected]
    sou do brasil e amo poop panty.

  11. I one time pooped in my underware while i was running down the street……. it was so funny cause there was people watching me.

  12. Pooping in your pants at Wal-mart is no biggie! In fact, it is rather exciting! Wal-mart or Dollar General, it doesn’t really matter, although I will say that Wal-mart has a better selection of pretty girls who can laugh at you providing you let them know. I pooped on purpose today at Ingles, and a young girl laughed at me. What a rush.

  13. luv your stories. I must admit, I like peeing my panties more, especially with a short skirt on, very easy to hide if you can find a place to sit down and pee in the grass. I do find pooping my pnaties can be easier to hide, no wet spots or wet pants, unless of course you were tight pants and, well, then you got a big bulge to deal with, not to mention the smell, lol. i remmeber as a kid a pooped my pants a few times playing. I didn’t wnt to stop playing so I just went in my pants. Usually thought it would be my sister hollering, Mom, Mayre Pooped her pants again! For some reason as a kid it never bothered me to have pooped pants, until Mom yelled at me. today, well, i do it once in a while. Yes, Walmart is the best! I was in line to pay, right infront of a family with kids. I really had to poop, so, seeing the little boy behind me, I just went in my panties. I had a skirt on, so no one knew anything. The boy got blamed!! The relief felt so good, not having to poop anymore, and just feeling so naughty wa such a turn on. WOnt tell you what I did back in the car!

  14. I like to poo my pants in the middle of the night; when I am warm and comfortable. Letting it ferment is the best!! Highly recommend it.

  15. How can I poop my pants without getting noticed when people are always at my house. I wish I could do it. I don’t have enough underwear to keep doing it. I don’t even have diapers.

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