Toilet Golf – Father’s Day

This past weekend was Father’s Day, and although this post is a bit late, here is a great product you can put on your list for Dad next year.  Instead of going with the traditional tie, desk ornament, or golf balls, get him something he can use everyday:  The Potty Putter.

breaks a little right
breaks a little right

This clever product ensures that your Dad can get 18 holes in before work with a 6:00 am daily tee time.

This is also a great product to bring into the office. Keep a scorecard in the bathroom stall to see which employee has the best short game so you know who to pair up with at the next company outing.

With the US Open traditionally ending on Father’s Day, every Dad is anxious to hit the links and swing the wrenches.  Avoid the busy putting greens by getting in a few strokes at home.

If you forgot that is was Father’s Day yesterday, just put a rush order on this product.  Call up your Dad today and ask, “Did you get my gift yesterday?”  When he says no, immediately respond with a quick and sharp “hmmh?”.  Then act confused and tell him that it must have been held up in the mail.  Throw in some fake claim that Father’s Day is the second busiest day of the year for the US Postal Service.  Dads love random facts.  All will be forgotten.

In reality, I am sure your father will have a good laugh at this product, and then never use it (like all Father’s Day gifts).  He might use it once out of courtesy, but it will probably end up in the closet.  Although it looks fun, combining two classic pastimes can often offset the relaxed nature of both events.  It is like placing chocolate on top of a steak – each amazing individually, but the combination ruins them both.

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