Zoo says, “No More #2”

Piggybacking off the success of yours truly, the Columbus Zoo embarked on an ad campaign this week to promote the animal sanctuary’s new status as the #1 ranked zoo in America (according to USA Travel Guide). Their commercial, “No More Number Two!” eats up $100,000 of the zoo’s $1 million yearly advertising budget. Take a look:

For all of you zoo aficionados, that’s your Columbus Zoo director emeritus, Jack Hanna, with the white hair, holding the big shovel filled with poop. Apparently, the campaign was Hanna’s brainchild, coming about after a comment slipped in which he said, “That’s what my life has been about — cleaning up poop.” Bitter much?

If you’re impressed by the zookeepers’ spiffy dance moves, that’s because they were directed by venerable High School Musical choreographer, Bonnie Story, whose shitty career found the right home.

See if you can’t notice the Susan Boyle clone sticking her head in a trash can at 36 seconds into the commercial.

And hey, Columbus Zoo, you’re welcome.

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